Terms and Conditions For Touring & Camping

Booking Permit Conditions

  1. The Caravan/Tent owner will accept whatever position on the site that may be assigned for the parking of a unit of a type and design which first must be approved by the Proprietor or its duly authorised representative – the term unit is taken to mean caravan, tent or motor caravan.
  2. If the Proprietor wishes to carry out any site re-organisation or repairs to any services suppling the Owner’s unit which require the re-sitting of the unit, the Unit’s Owner will accept such alternative positions for the parking of the unit as directed by the Proprietor or its duly authorised representative.
  3. Under no circumstances may the unit be used as a shop or otherwise for the sale of goods or articles. Any sale of or from the unit on site shall not take place without the consent of the Proprietor having first been obtained in writing.
  4. Refuse or litter is to be deposited in the refuse bins provided and the site surrounding the unit is to be kept in a clean and tidy condition.
  5. The Unit’s owner is responsible for the conduct of guests and family shall take steps to ensure that their behaviour does not cause a nuisance, inconvenience or disturbance to other occupier or cause damage to property belonging to the proprietor or such other occupiers;
  6. The Unit’s Owner agrees to indemnify the Proprietor in respect of any damage caused to the Proprietors property or to the property or third parties and against personal injury caused by you or members of your party. The Unit’s Owner shall hold insurance cover to a level of at least £2m in respect of third party risks arising out of the use or stationing of the Owners vehicle and unit and will produce evidence that the insurance is valid apon request of the Proprietor. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the Unit’s Owner being refused access to the site or being required to leave forthwith.
  7. The Unit Owner’s vehicle and unit are parked entirely at the Unit Owner’s risk and the Proprietor is under no liability whatsoever in respect of any damage caused by or to the unit from whatever cause or for the loss or damage to articles left therein. Please note that we do not accept ant commercial or sign written vehicle, unless by prior arrangement.
  8. If application for renewal of this permit is made although the Proprietor endeavours to give preference to existing permit holders the proprietor reserves the absolute right to refuse or renew any permit.
  9. In no circumstances shall the Unit’s Owner or any occupants of the Unit without the previous consent of the Proprietor erect any tent on the site allocated to the site allocated to the Unit or erect any annex to the Unit.
  10. The Unit’s owner shall not bring or cause to be brought any dog, cat or pet animal on the site unless kept under control and in the case of a dog on a lead.
  11. The Unit will not be used for sleeping more persons than the number of berths indicated by the manufacturer.
  12. The Unit’s owner will not permit or suffer anything to be done which would endanger any policies or insurance which the Proprietor has affected in respect of its business as holiday camp Proprietor.
  13. The Unit’s Owner must give notification of any damage to the site office as soon as possible.
  14. In the event of any breach to the Terms and Conditions as above the Proprietor may decide and to charge any expenses incurred. If the Unit’s Owner fails to remove the unit at the end of the period of 4 weeks from the date of such notice the Proprietor may sell the Unit and reimburse itself for any expenses incurred or monies due to it from the proceeds of the sale.